Neil Patrick Harris Challenge Ice-cepted! X

I AM LAUGHING SO HARD.  Also, all four of them are THE CUTEST.

Look at the four of them!!!

Possibly the sweetest challenge I’ve seen <3 The cute is strong.

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Shout out to all of the oldest children…who were used as the tester kids and now watch their younger siblings get away with shit you would have been killed for.. Justice will never be restored

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get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite music artists: marina & the diamonds 

"When you are with the wrong person, who doesn’t really love you, all you want is to be adored. It makes you more inward and needy. Gross."

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bless this show

bless the fact that this is how cas and kevin first met

Bless the fact that cas called Kevin a hot potato

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true as fuck zodiac - prominent features
aries: so fucking stubborn. they will hold a grudge til the end of time
taurus: they are fucking nerds.
gemini: defo the random outbursts
cancer: rudeness. so fucking rude. god damn.
leo: they're about 4'9"
virgo: they don't want to talk to you at all
libra: weird ass laugh
scorpio: the fact that you can directly see hell in their eyes
sagittarius: fuckin strange ass humor
capricorn: creepy fucking smile
aquarius: kinda givin off a gay vibe
pisces: p conceited and that shit is not confidence as they may think it is

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im literally tired 30 hours a day

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"how have you been racing all these years???"

i want everyone to find out kinjou actually can’t see fucking shit without his glasses. 

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